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OK, reasons to bloody really love
, aside from help with controlled crying and smelly automatic washers. As if that will never be enough to justify any time invested in incredible company or contacting additional SAHMs (stay-at-home mums, which is the last acronym i’ll clarify, JFGI FFS). Merely last night i discovered some three-day-old cod, and within a few minutes of inquiring I had 20 recipes, the couscous and olive any we would definitely have tried, except there clearly was an abdl online chat with Vince Cable, some humourless when borntorun told him she’d had an erotic dream of him practically five several hours earlier on, but he performed join MN’s Let Pants make Pants promotion, battling for no frills on ladies’ undies *fist punch*.

DD was asleep, therefore I found committed to publish this from the Am I becoming unrealistic thread: AIBU to consider coffee houses should prohibit non-parents until midday, whenever any MNer must rush residence if she’s going to get online earlier’s time for you to start sourcing a Frozen gown or cooking or picking right up the 4yo from nursery and even some much-needed leisure sex together OH. It’s not simply the method (I carried on, composing up against the clock, because DD ended up being conscious and I also never ever allow the girl to cry for a longer time than 45 minutes) that non-mums take up useful buggy room by leaving their laptops/legs all over, and I also’m sorry, but IMHO, after Savile, you actually have to ask precisely why any typical singleton would occupy someplace like a restaurant.

Needless to say, AIBU being AIBU, you are going to constantly get a saddo like bobbityboo, who’s merely thinking about trolling, really “YABVVU, you silly bitch”, is actually courteous on her behalf, she in fact is an ocean-going arse. So I said ODFOD, next every person pitched in, eg becausewe’mworthit mentioned, “YADNBU, and btw bobbityboo, you don’t have is so soft mean to princesspoop”, and I’d have continued all day if DD hadn’t climbed from the woman cot and dropped down the steps. Though that is another brilliant thing about MN, in which more do you get a hold of guidelines for correcting a broken knee using only sipping straws and a bowl of stale couscous?