Career: TOP-5 areas, behind which the future

Is it possible to predict which professions will be in demand in the near future? It is possible, to be aware of the main global trends. They are told by an expert in the field of career construction Ekaterina Novopashina.


Everything goes to the Internet: the vast majority of companies, programs, documents, communications, entertainment, training. Digitalization gradually covers all spheres of life. The usual ways of communication, exchange and obtaining information are changing, we spend more and more time online.

The most in demand today are developers of software, application functionality and services, information security analysts and data analysts.

Big Data analysts are especially needed in current realities (ideally – with a mathematical background or at least an education). Experts study large arrays of data from various information and on the basis of this improve existing business solutions or develop new.

Contextual advertising experts, targetologists, SEO-optimizers will also be in demand, and for the development of these professions you will not have to spend 4-5 years studying at a university-to start it is enough to finish specialized courses.


The modern reality is such that knowledge is constantly obsolete, and you need to make up for them as quickly as possible. Today the usual phenomenon is to work and at the same time

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undergo additional training courses, programs, trainings.

For growth and development, any specialist needs to receive education on a regular basis throughout life. In this regard, all professions related to teaching, tutoring, coaching will be in demand for a very long time. In a separate category, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, as well as the work of Timbilding specialists can be distinguished.

3.Beauty, health, longevity

Sports, health, maintenance of youth and beauty become the norm of life for people of various ages, so the demand for the services of medical specialists will be great. It is worth paying special attention to the sphere of healthy old age, extension of youth.

Specialists involved in the creation of artificial organs, developers of smart implants and prostheses, biopharmacets, bioethics – consultants of medical institutions on ethical issues, for example, related to cloning, will also be in demand.

In addition, there are now many developments to create artificially grown products with given qualities. For example, in one world -famous catering restaurant, artificially grown (vegetable) meat is already used.

4.Convenience and ergonomics

It is important for us all to live, work, receive services, spend time with comfort. The professions associated with design, visualization will become more and more necessary. This applies to the design of premises, clothes, packaging, sites, virtual reality. Already today, the services of space organizers, designers of multifunctional furniture, architects and designers of “smart houses” are in great demand.

5.Sales, promotion, management

Any business is aimed at scaling. Key tasks in this process are to introduce marketing tools to stand out among competitors, attract and hold customers, expand the channels of interaction with potential customers, improve the quality of service. Therefore, specialists in sales, marketing and promotion, work with clients are so in demand.

Separately, managerial specialties should be noted. Every year, the requirements for them are changing. Now there is a high demand for flexible, fast leaders who are able to take responsibility, take anti -crisis measures, understand what the final result of their work depends on, and know how to improve it.

What gives us an understanding of the main trends

All of these trends are very dynamic. They can be preserved from year to year, but at the same time transform, adapt to changing conditions. And you, as a specialist, must constantly hold your hand on the pulse. In the current realities, it is impossible to once receive a base of knowledge at the university, to use it all my life. Your professional growth directly depends on the relevance of your knowledge and skills.

At the same time, you should not forget to listen to yourself and approach the choice of a sphere or profession consciously. Here are the two main criteria by which it is worth choosing a direction:

  1. This area is now at the development stage. Maybe now it is not the most popular, but there is a growth trend.
  2. You sincerely like the profession. You understand that you can realize all your potential, enjoying the process itself.

Modern conditions allow us to try different areas of activity, so do not limit ourselves. With an average life expectancy, we can easily master 3-7 specialties. So get dare! Look for an inspiring business that will cause you interest.

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